We carry out the following mechanical, physical-chemical and analytical tests for explosive materials:
  • Strength tests at temperatures from -70 °C - 315 °C
    • yield point
    • modules
    • stresses at determined strain
  • Heat of fuel combustions in an adiabatic calorimeter
  • Burning speed of homogeneous and heterogeneous powder masses in Crawford's bomb at determined temperature and pressure. We monitor the course of burning.
  • Thermal stability in a DSC differential scanning microcalorimeter
  • Analysis of quantitative compositions of nitroglycerine powders
  • efectoscope test of propellant and inhibitor mass by means of X-ray radiography with assessment of radiographs.
We carry out stationary ballistic tests measuring thrust force and pressure in time function realised by means of MGC plus measuring system Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik making measurements possible in accuracy class of 0,05.

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