The decision of building the Chemical Production Plant in the woods near Jaslo was made in 1937 within the framework of building the Central Industrial District. The main task of the Plant was the production for the defensive needs of the country.

However, the outbreak of World War II made it impossible to start the production. Rebuilt from the ravages of war, the Plant started its activity in 1951 as Chemical Plant No 12. It produced artillery nitroglycerine powders, fully satisfying the needs of the army and exporting large quantities of those powders. By the end of the 60-ties GAMRAT started the production of rocket powders, based on license solutions and domestic projects.

Budowniczowie Wytwórni Chemicznej w Jasle - Krajowicach wraz z Eugeniuszem Kwiatkowskim - 1937 r.
In the 70-ties the special production was enriched by the Division of Pyrotechnics. Rocket powder propulsion charges for anti-tank rocket launchers, aerial missiles, guided anti-tank missiles and rocket artillery were introduced into the production on a large scale.

The 80-ties were the beginning of some experimental work on rocket propulsions of new generation and the introduction of such propulsions as RPG-76 rocket launcher and mortar with AKTYN-120 rocket propulsion into the armament of the army.

By the end of the 90-ties a new production department of heterogeneous rocket propellant’s was started. Cooperating with some research units, we designed smoke shells with camouflage properties in infrared and powder charge for above-water torpedo launchers, and implemented them into the production.

The works conducted in connection with privatization of GAMRAT led to establishing of the Special Production Plant "Gamrat" Ltd on 1st of January 2003. The company took over all activities related to military orders.

The company closely cooperates with the following R&D institutes:
  • Institute of Organic Industrial Chemistry in Warsaw
  • Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry in Warsaw
  • Military Institute of Armament Technology in Zielonka
As well as with many plants producing for National Defense purposes.

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